Party anywhere! with Magnet’s mobile bar service

You can now hire all the kit from Magnet that you need to run a bar
Or……….. we can come along and do it all for you.

Ideal for:

  • Office celebrations
  • House parties
  • Venues that are usually unlicensed
  • Product launches
  • Open days
  • Leaving dos
  • Fetes and fairs
  • In School events such as Pantomime or end of year balls

Additionally we can provide the following services that will add spice to your event:

  • Top city centre or nationally recognised DJs, bands and artists
  • A cocktail bar with all the trimmings
  • Waiter service
  • Furniture hire
  • Ticket and programme design
  • Themed events (From Burlesque to sc-fi,  comedy to country)
  • Security personnel

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Our Different models of Mobile Bar Services

Whilst we can be as flexible as you require the type of events fall into 3 different categories:

Full: A full bar service where we staff the event provide all the kit required and provide all the drinks for your guests at either a fixed price per person attending (a ‘free bar’ paid by the host)  or as a pay bar through a till.

DIY:  A bar service where we provide the equipment and expertise you need then leave you to it.

Community:  A service for schools and community groups where we provide bar services
with or without staff and structure the finances to enable the good cause to raise funds.
For more information click on the type of event you’re interested in.

Each of the following should be on a different page

Full :

Our service models are dependent on two key issues:

  • How many people will be attending the event ?
  • Who is going to pay for the drinks they consume ?

Unlike other mobile bar operators we can offer bar service to some small events as well as providing the full blown Marquee wedding/ Garden Party facility.
Here are some models that have proved popular

Office or home party for around 50 people with the host paying

1x11gallon keg of Fosters or Carlsberg lager with dispense equipment and cooler
Supply of glasses beer mats, drip trays etc
Spirit speed pourers, Ice, fruit, straws , napkins etc
Appropriate selection of spirits, liqueurs, wines, soft drinks, mixers, bottled beers, ciders and ready made spirit drinks (eg WKD)
Beer, wine and spirit glasses
A fully trained cocktail waiter serving a selection of cocktails chosen by you
A fully trained Bar server                          
Serving for a maximum of 6 hours plus two hours prep time.
Full legal and licensing cover
Tidy away of all bar litter
£1000 + vat for up to 50 and thereafter £20 per head
Children (under 14) are charged at £8 per head.
Optional extras:
Top City DJ for 4 hours £130
Serving waiters £12 per hour
Table and chair hire £1 chairs, £5 tables, Linen from £1
Classical musician or Pop/Rock act from £150
Champagne reception  £10 per head -  Cava reception £7
Security personnel - Price on application

Wedding for around 100+ people with the host paying

A cost of £17.50 per head is charged for this service for a maximum of 8 hours serving and two hours prep time.
The minimum charge is for 100 adults.
This service includes the following (or equivalent according to your choice):
Supply of draught  Fosters or Carlsberg
Supply of a second draught beer of your choice from:

  • San Miguel
  • Kronenbourg 1664
  • Carlsberg Export
  • Guinness
  • Tetley Smoothflow Bitter

Supply of spirits or liqueurs including:
Smirnoff Vodka, Gordons Gin, Couviousier Cognac, Lambs Rum, Bacardi, Famous Grouse Whisky, A top name malt whisky, Sambucca, Baileys, Tia Maria, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Tequilla, Martini.
J2o and pure fruit juices, coke / diet coke
White, red and Rose  named wines (Champagne and Cava available at extra per person)
Bottled beers Including Budvar, Peroni, Becks, Corona
Bulmers/Magners cider
WKD and Smirnoff Ice
Old Speckled Hen premium bottled Ale
All mixers ice, limes and lemons etc
Glasses and glasswash facility
Beer mats, towels and drip trays
All bar stands and displays
Cooling equipment (via your power source)
All dispense Gasses and ancillary equipment
A fully trained cocktail waiter serving a selection of cocktails chosen by you
A fully trained Bar server
We remove all the rubbish and clean as we go
Children (under 14) are charged at £8 per head.

Full Pay

Just like the above examples but we charge your guests.  To ensure we cover our costs  a deposit of £500 is required.  The deposit is used to make up any difference between the bar sales and our minimum takings requirement (agreed in advance but usually around £750) the rest of the deposit is returnable

We like to think that our bar charges are reasonable eg:

Pint of standard Lager: £2.50 (premium lager/Guinness £2.80)
Standard Spirit and Mixer £1.80 (premium – Brandy, JD etc £2)
175ml Glass of wine £2.20
Glass of Mineral £1
Bottled Beer £2.50


Like the title suggests we deliver all the stuff you require to organise the bar yourself:
These offerings come in bundles to suit most pockets.
Whilst we fully expect you to purchase most of the drinks yourselves from supermarkets etc we can provide them if you wish.
We only stipulate that you buy the Draught Beer from ourselves

Starter pack

Supply of a Single portable beer dispense unit and cooler and basic bar kit
With 1 x 11 keg of Tetley Bitter or Carlsberg or Fosters lager 
48 Pint Glasses
36 Wine Glasses
48 ½ pint ‘rock’ spirit glasses
Cocktail napkins and straws
10 spirit optics or speed pourers
2 x bar mats
1 x ice bucket and tongues
100 beer mats
1 x drip tray
Licensing and legal advice            


Replace standard Beer Keg with Premium such as San Miguel, Budwieser or Guinness   extra £15
Further Kegs                                                            
Standard:  £120
Premium: £135
Glass hire: 10p
Wine cooler sleeves: 50p
Table and chair hire:£1 chairs, £5 tables, Linen from £1
Classical musician or Pop/Rock act from £150


Magnet has strong links with community groups and charities.
We recognise that sometimes bar service can be the difference between an event being popular or not – equally we realise the potential to raise funds in this way so we offer a service whereby at the right sized event we can offer a facility where the hosting community group can raise some money from the bar activity.

This is ideal for the following types of events:

  • In school pantomimes or Plays end of term Balls and Proms.
  • For Church or community halls that are usually unlicensed
  • Church Fetes
  • School Fairs
  • School reunions
  • Garden Parties
  • Agricultural shows

The agreement we come to is dependent on numbers of people attending, whether we staff the bars or not and other technicalities

For further information and a tailor made quote call Ricky Davies on 0151 709 7560 or 07958 616 456 or complete the enquiry form

It’s the Magnet. You’re invited…..

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