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Street Level Bar 2008
Street Level Bar 2008

The Magnet is situated in one of Liverpool’s famous Georgian buildings in the architecturally rich area of the City known as the Cultural Quarter. Surrounded by the City’s best restaurants, within spitting distance of the Royal Philharmonic Hall and the famous Everyman theatre and close to the university campus’ and halls. The Magnet is well out of the area of the City where the stag and hen parties wreak their booze crazed havoc.

The Magnet story so far - 1958 - 2008

Street Level Bar 2008
The Sink circa 1963

The Magnet is 50 this year and has an illustrious and iconic place in Liverpool’s musical history. Originally, the street level bar was called the ‘Rumblin’ Tum’ and the basement the ‘Sink Club’. It was one of the city’s first black music venues and entry was by way of a numbered sink plug on a short length of chain which proved membership. As the City’s other iconic clubs have come and gone The Magnet has been sitting quietly up on Hardman Street at the forefront of the Liverpool live music scene all the time.

Above one of the booths you’ll see a photograph (shown below) which was taken in the bar in the early 60’s. The picture is fantastic and you should go out of your way to see it.

Street Level Bar 2008
Ken Barney Sitting - 1963

Freddie Mercury first played with Brian May in a band called Ibis at the Sink Club and there seems to be very few bands and performers that at some point in their careers haven’t graced the dark red stage.

Following a brief period in the early 90’s as a tapas bar, the venue was extensively refurbished and re-named as The Magnet in 1998. A couple of years later, the main room was extended and the sound system upgraded to include a world class Funktion ONE with an awesome 13.8 KW amp stack driving the enormous speakers.

Magnet as we now know it was born. 

The Magnet NOW

Street Level Bar 2008
The Courteeners Acoustic Set May 2008

The Magnet has an embarrassingly long list of accolades including ‘Best Bar in Liverpool’ - The Guardian March 2008, ‘Best Bar’ - The Itchy Guide, and strangely and wonderfully at the same time was designated No 29 in Best Bars in the World - GQ Magazine 2007.

The Magnet is not part of a chain; The Magnet is a one off, privately owned venue and has a community of music lovers, academics and arty types who find themselves surrounded by likeminded people in the cosiest of setting. The booths, the lightwall all give Magnet its unique, handmade feel and people

Street Level Bar 2008

The Best Time to visit…
During the week and early doors on weekends, at street level Magnet offers a relaxed mood where you can enjoy your drinks at the bar or snuggle up with friends in one of the cosy booths. It’s the perfect place to prepare for the evening ahead or settle for a long night of conversation and good music. With residents playing the grooves that help give Magnet its unique atmosphere there is nowhere else quite like it in Liverpool. You’ll hear jazz, soul, funk, rare groove and Latinesque beats. “It really is one of the good things in life.”
Venture in to Magnet at weekends or late on in the evening and you’ll be part of a lively bustling crowd and you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with the city’s bohemian and arty types.

It’s Magnet and you’re welcome!

Street Level Bar 2008
Norman Jay

Downstairs is where the party really goes off(party gazebo). . The Funktion ONE sound system (the quality and clarity of the sound has to be experienced to be believed) is turned up to number 11 and you will hear music like nowhere else in the city. Night after night you will hear the live music and the best sets from the best DJ’s from around the world.

It’s not all about getting drunk you know!

The music’s the thing at Magnet. You can drop in to Magnet almost any night of the week and get to hear a wide variety of live music. Always interesting and often very, very good; occasionally, you will hear amazing gigs of world class performers long before they make their name in the world of music.

Roy Ayers Gig 8th May 2008

Street Level Bar 2008
Roy Ayers - 8th May 2008

Recently we hosted Roy Ayers (8th May 2008) and an amazing acoustic set from the Courteeners a week or so before that.

In the not too distance past we have been lucky enough to have The James Taylor Quartet, Horace Andy, The Pies plus all the usual local musicians and bands as you’d expect in a venue like Magnet.

Additionally, Magnet has hosted world class DJ’s including Louie Vega, Jazzy B, Norman Jay, The Ramones, Mr Scruff, Filia Brazillia and others too numerous to mention.

World Music - always something to remember at Magnet

Damo Suzuki
Japanese bands like Electric Eel Shock have pinned their marker on the Magnet as their stage of choice and Damo Suzuki had the audience mesmerized with his unique style of performance.

Bands from all over the world have played The Magnet and the future looks to be more eclectic and more dynamic than ever.

People people people ....

It’s a cliché but The Magnet is about people. The people who are regulars, the people who visit occasionally and the people who work in Magnet.
Magnet is a place you should visit at least once. And you never know, that one visit could be the start of something new.


It’s the Magnet, and you’re welcome!

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