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Jon Dean is DJ/musician/producer who began his musical journey at a young age playing guitar and banging beats when he was just thirteen.  It was at that age that he first started performing writing and recording his own compositions; even though the early results were nothing to boast about, it was those early sessions that got Jon hooked on music.
Jon’s musical knowledge gels perfectly with his DJing and his passion for good records is almost an illness.  From heart wrenching soulful vibes through to pure sleazy funk beats, it’s all about hitting the right mood at the right time and giving the people what they want.
There is no question that Jon comes guaranteed to move any dance floor.  Even so early into his career he has already played alongside some of his heroes, legends an music pioneers’ such as Jazzy B (Soul to Soul) Bobby and Steve, Norman Jay,  Mr. Scruff,  Dr Bob Jones, Roy Ayres, he’s even jammed with members of Roy Ayres band till the early morning after the show at his studio.

Jon was given the job of warming up for the legendary god father of soul house, "Little" Louie Vega at the launch of Liverpool’s Soul Heaven night, which he continues to play An important focus in Jon’s DJing is his residency at the legendary club "The Magnet".  


Magnet operates by using promoters for some of the events and we have some excellent, long established relationships with many promoters. However, we are always keen to listen to ideas from new people and to assist promoters with their events.

To this end we have guidelines for promoters which make it clear what you, as a promoter can expect from us and what we expect from you.

Please take the time to download the document and give us a call if you have any queries or would like and more information.

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